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On July 3rd, We Celebrate The 1 Year Anniversary Of The CROWN Act

Source: MmeEmil / Getty Over the last couple of years, we’ve heard a bunch of stories about Black people being discriminated against because of their natural hair. Schools have refused kids from competing in sports events, attending classes, and much more. In the same token, public figures have decided to take a stand and show …


Tween Girl’s Room Re-do with Classic Black, White, and Gold

Something happens to girls between the ages of eight and twelve. If you’re not there, just wait for it. If you’ve been through it with your girls, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a cute phase and one that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. My twins have turned their heads on their favorite toys and …


TRIED IT: Kaleidoscope Hair Products Left My Scalp Tingling And Follicles Rejoicing

Source: Shamika Sanders / Kaleidoscope Hair Products I remember the first time I saw Jesseca Dupart a.k.a Da Real BB Judy pop up on my timeline. Safaree was hounding the buxom beauty boss for her coveted Kaleidoscope “Miracle Drops.” I thought to myself, what are in those drops? Fast-forward a few yeas later and a …


Being A Black Nail Tech Isn’t Easy, But D Malone Is Carving Her Own Lane

Source: D. Malone / @iamdmalone Darlene Malone, better known as D. Malone on Instagram, decided to pursue a career as a nail technician after a post of her own nails prompted a Facebook friend to inquire about her services. “The request got me to thinking about actually becoming a mobile nail artist,” she revealed in …


TRIED IT! Alwayz Pretti’s Stimulating Growth Shampoo And Deep Conditioner Is The Truth!

Source: Alwayz Pretti Hair Care / Talibah Stewart I’m usually very nervous about trying new products. Maintaining natural hair can be an expensive case of trial and error. Sometimes you come across something that really works for your hair, and other times it’s like, “why did I waste my money?” That wasn’t the case with …